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Where Am I?

Hello Aiman, after contemplating about it, I decided to send this link to you. My initial purpose is to request copies of all our pictures. As much as I want to provide more visual content, I only have few pictures of us. Ikaw kasi yung palaging nag pipicture. Tapos yung mga picture natin noon, nasunog doon sa computer ko dati. Sorry to bother you but I need to complete this website before anything.

As of writing this entry, I feel terribly sick. I am having difficulty breathing, I have persistent cough and my chest hurts. I don’t want to expect but I would like to establish this website as soon as I can.

I don’t mean na manggulo sayo, pero I decided to send you a link to this website kasi iniisip ko, kung mawala man ako, anong purpose ng shrine na ito eh ako lang naman ang nakaka visit? Ganun din, dahil walang witness to pass over this legacy, my previous relationship with Aiman will be lost in the void of nothingness.

So this place is like a memorial for our past relationship. I refuse to accept that what was once the best thing in my life is going to be forgotten. Andito rin yung mga bagay na hindi ko nasabi sayo, yung mga gusto kong sabihin sayo at mga bagay na napag usapan natin just to reminisce the moment.

Please don’t be mad at me about this. Hindi na tayo nag uusap ni hindi mo narin binubuksan messages ko. Mababaliw ako with all this thoughts of mine about you pag di ko na express. I just really hope you can share our photos to me para mas ma enrich ko pa ang bawat post ko.

I feel so sick, feeling ko mamamtay na ako, kung mamamatay rin lang ako, gusto ma express ko sayo EVERYTHING.

At kung mamatay na rin man lang ako, I want to establish my legacy behind. You are my legacy bb langga chikiting Aiman.

Check this link to know more about this website

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