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I Love You

I don’t know about how others love nor how they believe love should be. I have my own way of loving and this is how:

I love you Aiman, and you mean the world to me. If love is about wishing that you experience genuine happiness, praying that you are safe from any harm and being in my thoughts always, then I never stopped loving you til this very moment that I am composing this post.

I want you to be happy; even if I am not part of it.

I want you to be safe always. Away from anyone who wants to take advantage of you.

I hope you find the deeper meaning of life that you’ve always been seeking for.

Just because I love you, it does not mean I cannot let you go. Though I know you always have the will to do whatever you want and no one can really stop you, for what it’s worth, I have made my peace about it.

I don’t plan to intrude, ruin,  and complicate whatever kind of life that is going for you right now.

I hope you end up with the man that you truly want and you deserve. Someone who can calm your demons and at the same time, can go with you on a roller coaster ride of life.

Remember when we used to pray at St. Jude? I always prayed for your overall wellness even if it will cost my own. Kaya nung nasunugan kami, hindi ko na masyado inisip kasi baka yun ay answered prayer ko. Na kahit ako nalang ang magdusa basta ligtas ka.

I just really wish I posted our photo above on Facebook with a caption ” I love you, you mean the world to me”

It’s been long since I saw you smile like that and I am glad that I was there when you looked genuinely happy.

How I wish I made you smile like that a lot. Well I can think of so many ways right now to do it but then again, it is already futile.

I guess when we were at the peak of our relationship,  I was just an immature and clueless boy who missed a lot of priceless opportunities.

I will still love you, always, in my own way without bothering you. So I ask everyone to just let me be.

I may meet someone new, be in a relationship, get married to someone else but when I am on my death bed, I will close my eyes and go back to our memories as I seek for comfort. For knowing that our relationship happened, is enough to believe that my life is well spent.

Sabi nga, don’t be sad it ended, be happy it happened. Nothing lasts, everything will end. As for us, our memory will remain in my mind for as long as I live. It’s a proof that something magical happened in some part of my life.

You are a precious gem in this world full of crap.

I hope this website remind you that at some point in your life, someone has loved you unconditionally and that you are lovable.

God I just really want to see that smile of genuine happiness in your face, one last time.

I wish you find your “home” where you can be happy and at peace.

I hope your new partner is going to be the greatest love of your life for you deserve nothing less my bb.

Be happy, always, my chikiting

Your bb, now signing off


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