ATTENTION: Please CLICK THIS Before Anything


Not unless I sent you a link to this website, I don’t know you found this site but I hope you enjoy your stay. This website is not only a shrine for my previous relationship but also serves as my personal diary. Though majority of the content here are about my previous relationship, expect to see some personal posts that are unrelated to Aiman.

Now if this website offends you in any possible way, I apologize but I WILL NOT take this down. If you’re the new lover of Aiman, please understand that this site is simply a memorial place of our past relationship. I mean no harm, and I just want to honor what was once the best thing that happened in my life.

Also, this website contains unspoken words – unfiltered thoughts about how I really feel that I have never mentioned to Aiman or to anyone at all. Moreover, this website will serve as my diary like how Aiman used to be the extension of my thoughts.

Be advised that I will construct my posts as if I am talking to Aiman.

Lastly, I may refer to Aiman as BB like how I addressed her when she was still my girlfriend.

I will keep this website online for as long as I can and preserve all our memories.

Please understand that the content of my posts are not exclusive to theirĀ  title. I may mention something in my post that belonged to another entry. Spontaneous kasi ang pag compose ko, kung ano ang pumasok sa isip. So baka may katanungan ka from a certain post, probably yung answer dun ay nasa ibang post.